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Time to Get Charged Up About EV

Time to Get Charged Up About EV

Posted by Scott on 8th Aug 2022

You already know the importance of staying ahead of trends and offering amenities that will attract and retain guests. One trend that is gaining momentum is the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). EV sales are expected to continue growing in the coming years, with some estimates projecting that they will make up a significant portion of the global vehicle market by 2025.

Having EV charging stations at your hotel can be a valuable amenity for guests who own EVs, as well as for those who are considering making the switch. Here are just a few of the benefits of offering EV charging at your hotel:

1.Attracting and retaining guests. As more and more people switch to EVs, the demand for charging stations at hotels and other public locations is only going to increase. By offering EV charging at your property, you can attract and retain a new segment of guests who may have previously been unable to stay at your hotel because of the lack of charging options.

2.Improving your property's sustainability. One of the biggest advantages of EVs is that they produce zero emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly option than gas-powered vehicles. By providing EV charging at your hotel, you can show your guests that you are committed to sustainability and doing your part to reduce your property's carbon footprint.

3.Generating additional revenue. EV charging stations can be a source of additional revenue for your hotel. Many EV owners are willing to pay a fee for the convenience of being able to charge their vehicles while they are staying at your property. You can set up a charging fee structure that is attractive to your guests and provides a new source of income for your hotel.

4.Enhancing your property's reputation. By offering EV charging at your hotel, you can differentiate your property from others in the area and position yourself as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious business. This can help to enhance your property's reputation and attract more guests who are looking for hotels that offer sustainable amenities.

Offering EV charging at your hotel property can be a valuable amenity that attracts and retains guests, improves your property's sustainability, generates additional revenue, and enhances your reputation. As the adoption of EVs continues to grow, providing EV charging at your hotel can be a smart investment that will pay off in the long run.

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