Hotel FF&E Financing Options

Best Hotel Products, Inc. offers you easy financing options for your motel and hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment purchases! A simple one-page application can get you $500,000 in financing. For bigger projects, we are able to get financing up to $1.5 Million.

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Did you know leasing may improve your financial statement over time?

Leasing is “under the radar” and won’t affect your credit score or your net worth. It affects your credit the same way as renting a car does – not at all! Leasing keeps your business/personal financial statements at their strongest, rather than weakening them! A lease won’t show on your credit, and won’t decrease your net worth or credit score.

If you use a bank line to buy equipment, instead, your credit score goes down, because your revolving debt has increased – affecting your personal credit score, even when it’s a business line. This makes any future plans that depend on your credit score more difficult. Save your bank relationship for things that will strengthen the future of your hotel or motel!

Thinking of paying cash, out of pocket? consider this… Cash is the first line item on your financial statement and balance sheet. If you use cash for a hotel furniture, fixture or equipment purchase, your net worth goes down equal to the amount of the purchase, plus now you have used cash to invest in something that is going to lose value instead of gain!

Use a lease to finance both big and small equipment purchases!

Save your cash for purchases such as real estate, which can increase in equity, or any emergencies that may arise. Don’t decrease your net worth, every time your hotel needs to buy furniture & equipment by spending cash or using a line of credit. Financing is the smart way to purchase hotel FF&E from Best Hotel Products, Inc.

To get started with financing on your motel / hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment purchase, just click the button below to download the quick & easy application form now.

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Completed forms should be faxed to 877-551-6790 (for security, please do not email personal & financial information). If you have any questions, or want to find out more about how FF & E leasing can benefit your hotel, call 847-749-0800.

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